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It’s time Congress puts American consumers in control of their own credit. Our current credit reporting system is confusing, opaque and inaccurate, and as a recent Consumer Reports’ examination found, can result in consumers paying up for their credit scores and reports, and putting their private data at risk. We urge you to pass legislation to make credit scores and reports always free, easily accessible, and secure, so we can all be in control of our personal financial information.

The latest Consumer Reports’ research has found that those popular credit score apps have some major drawbacks: the majority provide consumers with credit scores that are different from the scores most lenders actually use. And they also can come with extra charges, privacy risks, and heavy marketing for financial products that may not be in your best interest.

No one should have to pay up or put their personal data at risk to get a credit score and report. Sign our petition to Congress, and let’s get free, easily accessible, and secure credit scores and reports!