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Petition to the FCC

I expect the FCC to protect me from all forms of unwanted robocalls. That’s why I urge you to deny the petition from Perdue for Senate that would allow anyone to send ‘ringless voicemail,’ or direct-to voicemail calls, to my phone without my consent. I don’t want to be inundated with unwanted, spammy voicemail messages, nor do I want bad actors to have a new exemption that lets them circumvent consumer protections and contact me whenever they want, without my consent.

The FCC right now is considering a request that would throw open the door for a new form of robocalls: ‘ringless voicemails’ that would bypass your ringtone and go straight to your voicemail, filling it with pre-recorded political campaign messages, annoying sales pitches, and other unwanted spam calls.

Four years ago we stopped a similar request by flooding the FCC with consumer opposition. Help us do it again by signing our petition now —we only have days to tell the FCC to kill this horrible idea once and for all!