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We are calling on the Administration to eliminate loopholes for automakers that would undermine our nation’s Clean Car Standards. The current preferred proposals don't go far enough to meet the climate challenges we already face, and they leave billions of dollars in consumer savings on the table, as stronger standards could save drivers up to $88 billion on gas, maintenance, and costs for vehicles purchased in the next 5 years. Automakers already agreed to standards stronger than the current proposal almost a decade ago. The Administration must shift to stronger standards, hold the auto industry accountable, and ensure automakers take responsibility for their role in reducing climate-damaging pollution.

We have an opportunity right now to dramatically reduce climate-damaging tailpipe emissions and improve vehicle fuel efficiency through our nation’s Clean Car standards. But there are loopholes in the plan that could weaken the standards and let automakers off the hook for producing cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

Both the EPA and Department of Transportation are seeking public comment on these standards, and it’s critical that we tell them to close loopholes and hold the auto industry accountable for cleaner cars. Without strong rules for automakers, we can’t meet our climate promises or help drivers save money with more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Sign our petition now to show the Administration that we want cleaner, more efficient vehicles!