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The EPA should take decisive steps to help drive the market for cleaner cars and protect our health. First, reinstate the Clean Air Act waiver that empowers states to implement standards that help consumers get access to cleaner cars. And second, set strong, nationwide standards that go beyond previous rules to eliminate 10 gigatons of global warming pollution, and save consumers $1.6 trillion in fuel and maintenance costs, by 2030.

Now is the time to stand up for cleaner cars and cleaner air. The Environmental Protection Agency is deciding soon whether to reinstate states’ ability to implement Clean Car standards that will cut pollution and save drivers money at the pump. 

Tell the EPA you support these strong rules by signing our petition. And, ask them to go even further by proposing Clean Car standards for the entire nation that would cut emissions 60 percent by 2030, and save consumers $1.6 trillion in gas and car costs.