Use your power as a Frontier customer to tell the company that charging monthly rental fees for equipment people don’t have or use is unacceptable. The company charges a $10 monthly rental fee for routers, even when customers buy and use their own.

Let us know after you called how your conversation went, and if you got monthly router charges removed from your bill. We know it’s no fun to call customer service, but if Frontier doesn’t hear from you, it will keep up with its sneaky fees.

  • Call Frontier at 1-800-921-8101

Here are suggested talking points, but feel free to say whatever is on your mind!

  • Tell Frontier that charging a monthly rental fee for routers customers don’t have or use is unacceptable, and urge them to stop charging this fee immediately for customers who use their own equipment.
  • Ask Frontier what it is going to do to keep you as a customer, since you are unhappy with this sneaky practice.
  • If you are thinking about canceling because of rising fees, you may want to mention that as well. 
  • For Frontier customers who use their own modem, get out your bill and confirm you are being charged the fee: ‘I bought my own modem so that I wouldn’t have to pay for this sneaky fee. Why are you charging me this fee? What are you going to do to keep me as a customer?’